Bella Ease

Employment Services

Offered in Adams County Only

What services are offered?

We believe that a vital part of creating a stable and healthy family involves finding quality employment. Anyone that is looking for a job can receive support through our Employment Services programs. We help youth and adults of any background that is looking for employment in the Quincy and surrounding area. 

Job Training & Employment Assistance

Our Job Training (JTED) program provides support to youth and adults throughout the entire employment process. Regardless of where you are in the search for employment, we provide services such as: 

  • Assistance finding available jobs that fit your needs
  • Resume and application creation
  • Coaching on how to succeed in an interview 
  • Purchasing job-related supplies needed for employment
  • Mentorship and follow-up contact during the first few months of a new job

Anyone is welcome to meet with us to get help with employment. We also accept referrals from Probation Officers into our ACE program to specifically provide the services listed above to individuals on probation.  

GED Classes

If part of your employment journey includes getting your GED, Bella Ease offers classes for those preparing to take their GED test. The classes are taught by John Wood Community College teachers, but are located at our main office at 7th and Broadway. Childcare is provided to any GED student.

To get more information or to sign up for this class, send us a message through the CONTACT US page, or reach out to our Employment Services Director below. 

Community resources

Our staff is equipped to be able to connect every client with the resources that will best help them to make positive changes in their lives. This sometimes means referring clients to other services or organizations in our community.

If you are looking for additional resources, check out our Community Services page. We have a directory where you can find program and contact information for other organizations in the area.

Contact Us

For more information about our employment services or to set up an appointment, send us a message from the CONTACT US page or reach out to our Employment Services Director directly. 

Angela Caldwell

Employment & Supportive Services Director

217-209-0632 ext. 207