Bella Ease


Opportunities for Volunteers

The support of volunteers is what helps Bella Ease to be able to run all our programs with limited staff. This allows us to spend more money supporting clients and less money to pay for operational costs. Many of our programs welcome volunteers, but our biggest opportunities for volunteers include: 

  • Childcare workers – there are many special events held throughout the year for our families. Childcare is often a huge need during these events and allows our parents to fully participate in the workshops and events they attend.
  • Tutors – Many of our Quincy Teen Reach students find more success when they have the assistance of a tutor. This could include helping students with homework or simply letting a student read to them. Tutors help these students thrive academically.
  • Mentors – Most of our programs are based on mentorship. If you connect with one of our PROGRAMS and would like to mentor students/clients in those programs please reach out to us.

Get Involved

If you would like to volunteer in one of the areas mentioned above, or would like to offer assistance in another way, please fill out the form below.